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Apira Science is an trusted leader and pioneer in Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). In working with teams of scientists in photo medicine and experts in optical engineering for over a decade, Apira Science has emerged as the pre—eminent specialist in innovative home use light therapy solutions. The iGrow Hair Growth Platform is the result of Apira’s decades of experience, scientific innovation and knowledge of the application of LLLT.

In addition, the iGrow is FDA 510k cleared for men and women. Some companies achieve FDA clearance through a shortcut method, by claiming that their product is “just like” products already on the market. At iGrow we did it the right way: double blinded clinical trials with results reviewed by a third party institution and published in a prestigious medical journal. Our impressive results a 35% increase in hair growth reflect iGrow technology  not someone else’s.



Questions About LLLT

What is LLLT?

LLLT is an acronym for Low Level Light Therapy. This refers to a therapy that utilizes laser or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength. Light sources used for LLLT may include laser and LED devices. Laser devices used for LLLT are also referred to as cold lasers. LLLT devices produce no heat, are safe and cannot burn or injure the skin.

How does LLT work?

Multiple clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy in promoting hair growth in men with androgenetic alopecia. The exact mechanism is not fully understood, but the most recent research has identified that LLLT is absorbed into the cells, triggering enhanced cellular activity. In other words, the theory is that LLLT makes aging cells more active, thereby increasing their effectiveness in hair growth.

Are there any medical studies (clinical trials) that support the use of LLLT for hair growth?

Yes! Please see our page on clinical studies, here.

Do physicians advise the use of LLLT for hair growth?

Yes, Medical Doctors, including dermatologists, in the United States, Europe and Asia prescribe the iGrow® for use with male patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

What is the benefit of a device that combines both Laser and LED light?

Red light from Laser and LED devices emitting 650—670nm wavelength light can stimulate cells within the follicle, as part of an effective LLLT hair treatment. The Laser light produces a specific wavelength that is believed to stimulate the hair follicle cells. The LED light uses a broader beam of gentle light energy to cover a wider area of the scalp. Combining the Lasers and LEDs offers the benefit of both light sources for men with androgenetic alopecia (thinning hair).

How does wavelength affect LLLT for hair loss treatment?

It is important to use light within the recommended wavelength for laser hair treatment. Research studies suggest the most effective wavelength for hair growth is between 650—670nm. This wavelength has the most efficient and effective absorption that is essential for hair growth.

Do all LLLT devices use laser and LED together?

Most LLLT devices use either LEDs or Lasers. The iGrow® by Apira Science, Inc. utilizes both high—quality Laser and LED light sources. This form of LLLT is effective for hair growth in men with genetic—based hair thinning/loss.

Will all laser and light devices provide equivalent results on the scalp?

No. Not all devices have the same power and energy output, and therefore will not yield the same results. Many devices only cover a limited area. Most of these devices require the user to manually move a hand—held comb or brush repeatedly over the scalp for 10—20 minutes at a time. This is tiresome and does not provide consistent application of the light. The iGrow® combines Laser and LED light in a hands—free automated device that is easy to use, while providing consistent scalp coverage in each 20—25 minute treatment session.

Some LLLT devices stay on continuously, while others pulsate. Is one better than the other?

LLLT can be delivered either in the form of ‘pulsed’ or ‘continuous’ wave energy. Some research has indicated that effective stimulation is enhanced by pulsing the light in a program to mimic cellular respiration. Based on this understanding, the iGrow® uses pulsating light.

Can LLLT be used with treatments such as Rogaine or Propecia?

LLLT can be used with hair loss products Rogaine or Propecia. However the use of pharmaceuticals is not required to achieve results with the iGrow®. That’s what’s great about the iGrow! It is a product that requires only a one—time investment. The iGrow causes no side effects, isn’t messy, and is very easy to use.